Itʼs about evolution and understanding your connection to it Decode is about understanding what is said and how it's said.


Just as Baby Boomers evolved to Generation X, Gen X to Gen Y and Gen Y is now Generation D: the Digital Generation and itʼs now open for business; really open for business! This Digital Generation is in the house and they have made it their own. Decode Magazine (Mag) opens the entire house up, not just a small window for viewing. So if you want to understand the trends not just read about them, if you want know what the next big thing is and be able to predict it Decode is where you will need to be. All thing digital from streaming media, mobile developments, internet, movies, TV and more we will cover it. Secondly Decode is aimed at what we call the Digital or Generation D world and what they see.

Anime, Comics, music, animation, social media, concerts, games, gadgets, Xterme sports you name it we are going to cover it on multiple platforms, with multicultural appeal. This is the world they live in and Decode Mag let's you in.

We are a content creation company divided into two divisions: Entertainment, which handles IP development, consulting, and acquisitions; and Creative / Media Works, which creates and over sees production for all types of digital and broadcast media.
With representation in Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta, and Toronto, we offer integrated multimedia solutions to help your company reach its target audience, promote its message, and build its brand. We provide our clients with a full palette of creative, production, and consulting services under one roof. Our creative team has over 75 years of experience in fields such as comic book illustration, graphic design, website and mobile app development, photography, and videography as well as advertising and promotions.
content creation.
Today, Encode continues to be a major player in the creative and TV industries and is poised to unveil a number of innovative film projects in the years to come.


Our Story
Encode's historic origins date back to the early 2000’s after successfully cornering the film and comic book industry in Los Angeles. Our founder and CEO is none other than Arvell Jones, an experienced creative director and television producer who is best known for his work on Marvel Comics as well as DC comics and its imprint Milestone Media.
Encode has been incredibly successful at handling IP development, consulting, and acquisitions for groundbreaking television projects and is now developing film projects. Over the years, our company has assembled a talented and diverse team of creative professionals with over 75 years of combined experience. Together, we represent an impressive array of fields, including comic book illustration, graphic design, website and mobile app development, photography, and videography as well as advertising and promotions. We created Decode Magazine to fill a nich in the digital entertainment realm. We hope you enjoy it.


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